Wednesday, November 29, 2006

BioCert ClipBio Pro 1GB Flash Drive Featured on CNN

BREAKING NEWS - New York City - November 28, 2006 – CNN PodCast: The ClipBio Pro 1GB was featured during the Show-and-Tell technology show PodCast on CNN. "Maybe you're into secrecy; in which case you need the BioCert ClipBio Pro... It does have one very 'James Bond' element - its got a fingerprint pad and it will not release the information stored on it unless your fingerprint is one of the ones registered. If that's not enough for you, it even encrypts the data that you've got on here... there's a flash drive for everyone." Ali Velshi CNN Correspondent. NOTE: This was filmed at a time when the ClipBio Pro 1GB was priced at $129.95. The price is now $99.95 for the same drive tested and showcased on the PodCast. Link to Video (5MB)

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